From the Farther Trees

What whispers have you heard from the distant forest?

From the Farther Trees is a bimonthly, print and digital magazine of fantasy fiction from the most exciting up-and-coming authors. Our goal is to mingle the underground spirit of pre-internet DIY zine culture with the storytelling talent and progressive social attitudes of 2020s fantasy. We seek out fresh new voices and perspectives. Above all, we want quality, character-driven stories that show the full range of fantasy fiction’s possibilities.

Issue 5 now available!

Stories and poetry by: Michelle Enehiwealu Iruobe, Annie Percik, Ankita Sharma, Praise Osawaru, Stephanie Parent, LJ Wetherby, Timi Sanni, Hester J. Rook, M. Douglas White, Aron Brown, Martins Deep, I. Papadopoulou, and Raluca Balasa

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